Workation Village Italy

Live and work for one month in an authentic Italian village in Puglia, South Italy

The perfect combination of remote work, co-living, co-working, and being on vacation.

No upcoming workations are planned at the moment.

If you are interested, please email me at

Live in your own temporary home, and experience this small Italian village like a local. During your work vacation, you get to know the locals and their way of life. A unique and authentic experience, without any hassles. All the important arrangements have been made for you in advance for your remote work vacation, such as accommodation, Masterminds, inspirational workshops, co-work sessions, excursions, and various meals and drinks.

With plenty of space for you to find your own rhythm. You can work in your own apartment, in a café or in a co-working space. If you want to take a break, check the group app to see who else is up for a cup of coffee, to have lunch, or just to go for a walk. Enjoy each break, like you are on vacation.

Need feedback or assistance with your work? In our Workation Village, you can find inspiration while having fun (or co-working) with other digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and remote workers. This group is a 30-day living Mastermind, all within walking distance of one another, in a unique and inspiring environment, in a forgotten part of Italy.


About Ceglie Messapica

My village has a rich history and has been continuously inhabited for 3000 years. Life here is relaxed and stress-free, making it a great place to remote work and vacation. The locals like to chat while they enjoy their ‘caffé’. There are hardly any tourists, so you will also attract much attention of the locals. Hardly anyone speaks English: it would be best to practice your ‘DuoLingo’ Italian before the event.

Ceglie Messapica is the culinary capital of the region; it has only 20,000 inhabitants, but there are almost 100 restaurants! There is a bar on every corner where you can drink the best espresso for €1. Small shops sell delicious local cheese, bread, wine, vegetables, and meat; these shops will give you the feeling that you have stepped back in time. Oddly enough, the internet is reasonably fast and good in the village making it great for workations or those keen on working remotely and traveling. There are several cafes and spaces suitable for working and co-working. One of them is the castle dating back to the year 1000: can you just imagine the view?

During your time off, we’ll do some exploration of the village and I’ll take you on some sightseeing of the surrounding areas. Trust me, you’ll really feel like a local for a month while you are on your adventure.  But don’t be satisfied with a whistle-stop tour of the villages and sights in Puglia − immerse yourself in this unique work-play experience and escape your daily grind. By the way, the month of May already feels like summer by day, while it is pleasantly cool in the evenings.

This workation package is ideal if you want to:


The price for this co-working month is €3250 for the whole month of May! 

Read below what is included in this workation deal (it’s a long list!)

Because this concerns business activity, this workation is tax deductible. Read some workation tips in my blog.

Want to bring my partner/friend to share a one-bedroom house? Receive an extra €350 discount, each!

*No upcoming workations are planned at the moment. If you are interested, please email me at

What is included with this remote work vacation?

Your own mini-house, apartment, or studio in the village to do your remote work, with a vacation feeling.

Every apartment is unique. All are located in an authentic street less than 5 minutes walking distance from the village square. All accommodation has a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Some have extras, such as an oven, balcony, or roof terrace. Most have Wi-Fi; others have good 4G coverage – perfect for remote work. The allocation of the apartments is on a first-come-first-served basis.

You can choose your favorite apartment yourself − the earlier you sign up, the better the selection to choose from.

All additional costs of the accommodation, such as gas, electricity, water, electricity, and cleaning at the end of your stay are included.

The following meals and drinks are part of the package:


The following excursions are included:

Not included in the workation:

What previous Workation participants say

“My main reason was to write a book, to get inspired, and to be able to continue writing on this beautiful project.”
Diana Stassen
"You notice that you get completely different ideas and insights while you are working, because of the environment and conversations with inspiring people."
Monique Bijloo
“That feeling of making a plan for the day, together, with a cappuccino on the square. Fifteen minutes later everyone goes their separate ways, back to work.”
Daan van Bergen
“You have to leave your environment for a while to get inspired, to look at the world differently, at your world.”
Angelique Schoop

Travel info

The program begins with the airport transfer from Bari airport to Ceglie Messapica and check-in at your own apartment on the evening of May 1st, after which you can comfortably settle in and rest from the journey. The next day, we’ll start with a strong espresso and a ‘cornetto’ 🥐 in the village square, followed by a welcome and introduction, a tour of the village, shopping at local businesses, and lunch. It’s important that all participants arrive at the same time, so we can all start together.

Most participants will take the following flight on May 1st: Transavia Amsterdam – Bari: 18:50 – 21:15.

Make sure you take the indicated flight, or choose another flight to Bari which arrives a bit earlier. You can then use the transportation I arrange from Bari airport to our village Ceglie Messapica (1 hour and 20 minutes).

If you arrive at a different time or another airport (Brindisi is the other option, a bit closer: 35 minutes drive), then you need to arrange your own transportation.

For the return journey on May 31st with Transavia from Bari to Amsterdam, 9:20 – 12:00, an airport shuttle has also been arranged.

Workation Village Italy

A whole month for €3250

No upcoming workations are planned at the moment.

If you are interested, please email me at

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