Adopt an Olive Tree

An ancient tree with your name on my Tiny Trullo land in Puglia, Italy…

How special would it be if one of these ancient olive trees were yours?

Adopting an olive tree offers a unique and meaningful experience. You can name the tree in honour of yourself, a cherished loved one, or even your business. It can be a great gift, a corporate sponsorships or a memorial for a deceased loved one. 💝 

You’ll receive tangible and beautiful reminders of your special tree, right in your kitchen. Each year, you’ll get 5 liters of freshly harvested TinyTrullo olive oil.  And when the tree is pruned we’ll craft a cutting board from a branch of your very own tree! 

Become part of our olive-growing family and savour the rewards of this special connection! 🌳

What does adoption mean?

With your support, I can maintain the orchard with respect for the trees, so that they can continue to produce that delicious pure olive oil. Adoption is a yearly subscription. You can cancel any time. For continuity, it would be nice if you want to adopt your tree for 3 years or longer. 

Which tree appeals to you?

What other olive tree adopters say

"This tree is a reminder of my partner who passed away and a monument to our love. I always wanted something special for him and when I saw this, I immediately knew - This is it!"
"I thought it would be a nice gesture to be able to gift olive oil with a story to friends and family."
"For my birthday, I have adopted a tree that will live and bear fruit too! I use the olive oil daily. I am happy with my adoption and the reuse of my beautiful 5-liter can of oil …
Isabella Buck
"The tree is a symbol of our family bond, made even stronger by the brain injury my middle son sustained..."

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